School Supply Distribution Lists

Attention incoming 6th Graders

Now that you have your school supplies ………… here is the Distribution List.   This is how you will organize the school supplies prior to the 1st Day of School.  There are a bunch of items under advisory ( homeroom teacher ) and you will give these items to them on Aug 16th.  The rest of the items are to be kept by the students and the list lets you know what items you need for certain classes.

Everyone will be getting an agenda which will be FREE to students ( use to cost 5.00 ) and that agenda will help keep you organized throughout the school year.  It also has great information fact sheets & the all important “Bathroom passes”.   These are needed to be excused during class to use the restroom ….. but they can not use them during the 1st 10 min or the last 10 min of class unless there is an emergency.    The teachers will go over all these rules during advisory period.

Note:  There is a $5.00 lab fee required for all students which is due the 1st week of school.  There is also a $10.00 language arts fee – this is for the scholastic magazines the students will use throughout the year.

Distribution lists for 7th & 8th grade are posted on our PTA Facebook page.